Life after Life

Scorching battles
Too little say’s the clock

Moving crawling paddling
Forming ways all days

Panting, grasping my guts.


No smear to be found.
My insides were free
My hands were untied
Rescued was I

Blooming. Flourishing.

I believe there is a life after this worldly life, and I’d like to tell my self that it’s beautiful. That it’s free from emotions, attachments, competition & war. Instead there is this floaty feeling, where you are light as a feather, with no gravity, left to do as you please and yet our spirits will only do good. You get inspired, things fall in place and you find comfort in yourself. It’s where you can grow limitlessly, dream creatively and find calmness. I’d like to believe that we won’t have an account for good and bad because their will only be good. We won’t have broken dreams and thrashed hearts because their will be no sensitivity or emotional baggage. So cleansed, your bones will smell of flowers and your insides will be white. Feather like. No restlessness, no greasy pains or damaged depths. Just plain and giggles.

From hell to a mothers womb
From this world to the heavens door
From life after life, I’d like to believe it gets better.

Quite a jumpy song –